Who are we?

Having completed its branding process in 2020, Opia A.Ş., OPIA Innovation Health Medikal A.Ş., is a comprehensive personal protective equipment manufacturer. The board and many of its senior employees come from the healthcare industry. In this way, the products produced are produced in line with the wishes of surgeons and health personnel. Some of the products we have produced are as follows. Operating room sets, surgical gown, Medical Overalls, medical glasses, hard hat, protective gloves, medical and work safety shoes, safety vests...

Opia Inovasyon Medikal Health products are also widely used in Mining, Construction, Chemistry sectors in terms of Occupational and Occupational Safety. We carry out continuous R&D studies for different customer needs in the mining, construction, chemical and steel sectors, and we continue to be a solution partner through our distributors and dealers.

As OPIA, we develop our products with the feedback we receive from our best designers and end users. We deliver our products, which are developed after ISO, FDA, MDR CE certification processes, to our customers by passing the necessary tests every time. Your health and safety is important to us.

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